Super Amart


Super Amart is one of Australia’s largest furniture, bedding, and outdoor furniture retailers. They are proud to provide customers with a wide range of furniture and bedding styles to suit all budgets across a wide range of national stores and online.


With the launch of Super Amart’s new responsive website in 2014, Search Factory was tasked with improving the ROI performance of the Super Amart SEM campaigns. In addition to this goal, it was imperative that online transaction volume continued to increase month on month and overall cost per transaction was reduced.

Search Factory also ensured that Super Amart remained dominant within the online space through consistent top-of-mind awareness and branding through both search and display activity.


In order to meet the objectives set, Search Factory implemented a combination of mobile, day-parting and keyword ROI strategies to improve overall SEM account performance.

Ongoing analysis of mobile performance, specifically how users interacted with the Super Amart brand by device throughout each day of the week, revealed opportunities for bid changes across selected campaigns during specific hours of each day. This was facilitated through a combination of automated rules and an AdWords script designed in house here at Search Factory.

A thorough day-parting strategy was also conducted each month, which allowed the team to identify peak traffic periods and when competition was highest. This facilitated a bidding and budget strategy through scheduled bid adjustments to reflect the varied conversion rates, traffic volume and competition by time and day of week.

Looking at both current ROI performance of individual keywords within the account and historical keyword performance data, Search Factory was able to implement a carefully calculated budget and bid-placing strategy that forecasted ROI across each campaign month on month.


Working closely with Super Amart and conducting ongoing account optimisation and strategy, Search Factory was able to improve overall site performance for users clicking through from SEM within 3 months of the new website launching. Notable improvements included:

  • Mobile conversion rate improved by 33%
  • Mobile cost per conversion decreased by 49%
  • Online transactions improved by 211%
  • Online ROI increased by 175%
  • Overall cost per transaction was reduced by 53%.

From a branding perspective:

  • Clicks improved by 242%
  • Impressions grew by 86%
  • CTR increased by 84%
  • Assisted conversions value increased by 220%.